Old Style Mortice Lock Keys and Repairs - Locksmith Inner West

A client called me recently searching Locksmith Pyrmont for repairs and keys to an old mortice lock dating back to the late 1800's. These types of locks are a speciality of mine as I have worked on so many of these from when I started locksmithing 35 years ago. I was taught to hand cut mortice keys to accurately fit and operate so many old locks, and to service the locks with repairs if required. I still receive enquiries today, and can guarantee the same old school quality of hand made keys.

I get customers searching Locksmith Inner West as there are so many still around, all over from Pyrmont to Leichhardt and through the whole Inner West. Alot are painted over and not been used for a long time, but most of the old style locks can be brought back to life with new hand cut keys.

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